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  • GreenTech: Register for free tickets!


    Certhon will be represented at the GreenTech in the RAI in Amsterdam. The biennial GreenTech exhibition is the biggest show on horticulture technology.

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  • First cucumbers harvested, grown without daylight


    Westland Community, Mr. Sjaak van der Tak, harvested cucumbers grown without daylight.

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  • GreenTech 2016: Certhon joins Crops Theatre


    GreenTech 2016 Amsterdam expands and launches a Crops Theatre, together with Certhon and other market leaders.

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  • "Most modern greenhouse of Russia" officially opened


    With great public attention greenhouse complex Belogoriya has been opened.

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  • Large- scale growth chamber project in Belgium


    Certhon realizes a large- scale growth chamber project in Belgium for SES Van der Have.

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  • Another Certhon greenhouse for Magnit


    The new year has started for Certhon with a new assignment of Magnit in the Russian city Krasnodar.

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Archives des nouvelles

  • Second greenhouse for Jeonbuk in South Korea


    This greenhouse of 1.4 hectares is fully equipped for the cultivation of various peppers.

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  • Visit us at Fruit Logistica Berlin and GFIA Abu Dhabi


    Certhon is present at world’s wide horticultural exhibitions this Spring.

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  • Succesfull debut year for ECF Aquaponic Farm


    The debut year of ECF may be called successful, the greenhouse is weekly 'sold out'.

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  • Watch movie TKB project Russia


    The Russian company TKB has made a movie about their brand new project which is built by Certhon.

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  • First plants for TKB


    By planting the first plants in the brand new greenhouse, the foremost part of the TKB turnkey project has been completed.

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  • "Certhon best greenhouse builder"


    The annual World championship for greenhouse builders has been won by Certhon.

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  • Certhon acquired HortiQ


    Certhon has added the HortiQ system quality certificate confirming the quality of the products and processes within the company.

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  • 'Holland project' in Romania


    ‘Holland Farming Agro’ is the newest Certhon project in Romania.

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  • Certhon at World Expo Milano


    Certhon support the event Smart Fresh Food Solutions in Milano on the 25th of September. Register here!    

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  • New project in Georgia


    Certhon has started the construction of a new greenhouse project in Georgia.

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  • Download our new brochures!


    Our corporate brochures are being fully renewed and expanded.

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  • New greenhouse for UK Salads


    UK Salads Ltd. have given the go-ahead to Certhon and CMW Horticulture for a greenhouse development.

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  • Watch the Certhon corporate movie


    Watch the Certhon corporate movie

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  • SuprimAir tomatoes for Asian market

    HortiDaily, 14-07-2015

    Certhon customer Pascal Delahaye delivers tomatoes for the Asian market.

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  • Report Magnit project


    The Magnit project is almost completed. Read here a large report about the project.

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  • South African growers visit Solar project


    Several South African growers have visited a solar energy project in Kenya by invitation of Certhon.

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  • Large scale project for a U.S. multinational company


    Certhon and WPS has reached an agreement with an U.S. multinational biotech company to provide several modular growth chambers.

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  • "Red Roofs Nursery goes for perfect climate"


    The first crop of tomatoes in the new Certhon glasshouse is now in production at Red Roofs Nursery in East Yorkshire.

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  • Freesias in growth chamber


    Several Dutch growers join forces, the companionship utilise a Certhon growth chamber.

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  • First greenhouse for aquaponics


    In cooperation with project partner Exner Grüne Technik, a greenhouse has been realized for aquaponics.

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  • New application for growth chambers


    A new innovation for growth chambers is going to be launched at IPM Essen.

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  • First plants for Magnit


    The foremost part of the Magnit turnkey project has been completed.

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  • LED new step for Le Jardin de Rabelais


    By installing the LED interlighting in his tomato nursery, the innovative grower Pascal Delahaye has taken a new step.

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  • Visit us in Turkey


    From 3 until 6 December our Certhon team will be present at the Growtech Eurasia in the Turkish town of Antalya.

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  • Perfect match for Mexican market


    Recently the cooperation between Serretek and Certhon has been affirmed.

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  • "Time Square of Urban Farming in The Hague"


    Certhon takes part on the Opinion Leader Forum (OLF) on the 5th of November in The Hague.

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  • Remarkable greenhouse in South korea


    In the South Korean city Gosan Certhon recently completed a new turnkey project.

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  • 40 hectares for Russia's largest retailer


    Magnit, the largest retailer of Russia expands its greenhouse complex with 40 hectares.

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  • HAS University opts for Certhon Phytotron Control System


    HAS University of Applied Sciences, has upgraded their growth chambers for plant research with the Certhon Phytotron Control system®.

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  • Certhon realizes project of 14 ha in Russia


    Certhon has started the construction of a huge greenhouse complex in Russia.

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  • First LED interlighting projects in France


    Together with Philips Certhon is teaming up in two projects in France. Interlighting will be installed for the cultivation of a variety of small taste tomatoes on the vine.

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  • Certhon achieves CE marking


    Certhon achieved CE marking on 15 May.

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  • Impressive LED- project completed


    The newest nursery of the Holt- family, Sandylands Nurseries, is completed by Certhon.

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  • GreenTech 2014: Register for your free tickets!


    From 10 till 12 June, Certhon will be represented at the GreenTech in the RAI in Amsterdam.

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  • Latest innovations in Phytotron facility of Rijk Zwaan


    Certhon has completed its activities in the new phytotron building of Rijk Zwaan in Fijnaart.

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  • The New Way of Growing for floriculture in practice


    Department 5 of the GreenQ Improvement Centre has been refurbished by Certhon.

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  • Nouveau projet en France


    Certhon á commencé des préparatifs pour projet Meiffre.

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  • Certhon present at Undercover Farming Expo


    From 4 March till 6 March Certhon will be represented at the Undercover Farming Expo in South- Africa.

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  • Growth Chambers answer to many horticulture challenges


    Our development of turn-key growth chambers with single or multi-layer growing systems is an answer to many current challenges within horticulture.

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  • Nine hectares completed in Canada


    Certhon has completed the third phase of St. Davids Hydroponics in the Canadian city Niagara-on-the-lake.

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  • Meet us in Germany


    From 28 to 31 January Certhon is present at the IPM Essen.

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  • Certhon realizes LED grow-light project for Sandylands Nurseries


    The new greenhouse that Certhon is building for Sandylands Nurseries will be equipped with a hybrid growth-light; LED in combination with SON-T.

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  • "Higher production and lower energy costs with SuprimAir"

    In Greenhouses, 28-10-2013

    Pascal Delahaye is very satisfied with the results of the SuprimAir so far.

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  • New project Sandyland started


    Last week Certhon has started the building of the new project of Sandyland Nurseries.

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  • Check the mobile growth chamber!


    Certhon has made a film impression of her latest growth chamber.

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  • Turnkey project launched in Belgorod


    Recently start of foundation works launched the construction of a new greenhouse project in Russia.

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  • "Cooling and heating on schedule"


    In Nieuwaal, Netherlands, Certhon realises the complete installation of the cooling and heating system for a new greenhouse project.

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  • Certhon present at Gardeners' Days


    In the weekend of the 7th and 8th of September Certhon is present on the Gardeners Days in Poland.

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  • Knowledge development is essential in future of climate cells


    On Thursday the 11th of July 2013 an Arena session about Climate Cells took place at the GreenQ Improvement Centre.

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  • Start realisation of Phytotron facility for Rijk Zwaan


    Certhon has started its activities for the realisation of the new Phytotron facilities at Rijk Zwaan .

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  • Project Dziubek succesfully completed


    Last month Certhon succesfully completed Dziubek project in the Polish city Koźminek.

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  • Much interest in SuprimAir


    A group of 20 relations paid a visit to the  SuprimAir Greenhouse from grower Jardin de Rabelais in the french town of Avoine.

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  • Certhon project is running smoothly in Canada


    The construction of st. David'sHydroponics in Canada is progressing well for Certhon, the work is ahead of schedule.

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  • Follow the Certhon projects in progress


    Certhon is engaged at various places around the world in the realization of projects.View photos of the latest developments..

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  • Most remote project ever completed


    In March 2013 Certhon has completed the most remote project in its rich history. The distance between the project location and Certhon head office in Poeldijk is 17.019 km... 

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  • Certhon experiences festive highlight of Fruit Logistica


    The three-day Fruit Logistica had a festive highlight for Certhon last Friday. The innovative multilayer growing system, that has been installed at Deliscious, was awarded with the prestigious Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2013.

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  • Climate chamber attracts lot off interest at IPM Essen


    Certhon is satisfied looking back at IPM Essen 2013. Together with WPS Horti Systems we presented the newest climate chamber.

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  • Certhon with new climate chamber at IPM Essen


    Certhon shows the updated version of the mobile climate chamber container at the IPM in Essen from 22 to 25 January in Hall 3.0, stand number 3A76. Certhon, together with WPS Horti Systems, are ready to show all interested visitors the interior of the container.

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  • Certhon acheives quality labels


    Already for many years Certhon stands for excellence in the top segment. From this autumn that quality is affirmed with two quality labels, ISO 9001 - certification and VCA/SCC.
    ISO 9001 is the international standard for the quality of an organization. SCC is a checklist for contractors in which they demonstrate compliance with the local laws and regulations.

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  • Climate cell ready for sale


    The mobile climate cell container of Certhon was the eyecatcher on the last Horti Fair in the RAI in Amsterdam. The sensational container was fully equipped with LED lighting, chilled ceilings and a air treatment system. In short, all the elements for a perfect environment where the plants visibly grew well. The climate chamber attracted an unprecedented number of interested visitors.

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  • Much interest at HortiFair


    The Horti Fair in Amsterdam was for Certhon very successful. We have welcomed every day many interested people in our stand. Customers, potential customers, suppliers and partners, but also several embassies and representatives of national and local governments have shown their interest.

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  • Multilayer system at the HortiFair


    Certhon and WPS Horti Systems combined forces for the development of Multi-layer Growing Systems. An interesting new step in this concept is presented during the Hortifair in Amsterdam from 30th of October until the 2nd of November. At booth 11.0405 they will present a climate cell container that symbolizes the possibilities of Multi-layer Growing.

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  • Nomination Horti Fair Innovation Award


    Our SuprimAir Greenhouse is nominated for the Hortifair Innovation Award 2012.

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  • Register Hortifair


    This year, Hortifair takes place in the RAI in Amsterdam, on Tuesday 30 October until Friday 2 November.
    Certhon will extensively present itself and will show the latest novelties, among others the SuprimAir Greenhouse.

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  • Qualiflex


    The new quality management system of Certhon
    Projects become larger, more complex and thus more risky. Not only from a technical perspective but also from a management perspective. Also, projects become more dependent on external circumstances. Because of the fact that all our project and installations have to meet our stringent requirements, all relevant processes should be well secured and monitored. For this we developed a new quality management system: Qualiflex.

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  • La serre SuprimAir


    Pour le secteur mondial de l'horticulture professionnelle sous serre, Certhon a développé un concept de serre exceptionnel : la serre SuprimAir. Grâce à une ingénieuse intégration de la serre, de la ventilation, du refroidissement et du système de commande des installations, il est possible de créer un climat idéal tout au long de l'année. Le concept SuprimAir est le résultat de l'intégration des dernières innovations techniques issues de divers domaines. La température et l'humidité relative idéales sont associées à une faible consommation d'énergie et à une meilleure résistance aux maladies.

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  • Jardin de Rabelais choisit la serre SuprimAir


    Certhon a élaboré une nouvelle serre : la serre SuprimAir. Cette serre hypermoderne permet d’atteindre un haut rendement avec le moins d’énergie possible. La serre est équipée de dispositifs capables de réaliser le climat parfait, pour une production la plus performante possible et une qualité de culture optimale et constante.

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  • Greenhouse Market of Russia


    We are present at the Greenhouse Market of Russia in Moscow from 23 till 25 May. You can find our stand by the entrance on the right (number 77).
  • President of South Africa visits Dube Tradeport


    President Jacob Zuma officially launched the Dube Tradeport in Durban, on March 8, 2012 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, in which the Dube Agrizone is located. Prior to the launch on Thursday morning, Zuma joined by national ministers, visited the Agrizone site where Certhon  has realized 16 hectares of greenhouses in 3 blocks. The project is delivered turnkey.

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  • Agra Me in Dubai


    We are present at the Agra Me in Dubai from 1 till 3 april.
    Our standnumber is 6H01.

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  • A familiar face leaves the horticultural industry.


    After many years, Gerard van der Wilk says farewell to the horticultural industry and to Certhon (previously known as Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka). Gerard travelled the world for Certhon for many years as a project manager. From Mexico to China, from Ukraine to South Africa; Gerard has seen it all!

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  • Sival, Angers - France


    Nous sommes présents à la Sival à Angers, France.
    Vous pouvez nous trouver dans le hall Novaxia, stand 159.

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  • Fruit Logistica in Germany


    Nous sommes présents à la Fruit Logistica à Berlin, Allemagne.
    Vous pouvez nous trouver dans le hall 1.2, stand B-17.

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  • Certhon, new groupname


    As from 1 November 2011, the Dutch greenhouse contractor group Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka will grow further under a new group name: Certhon. The necessity of this new name is a result of the strong international focus of the companies. By using one corporate name, both companies emphasize and reinforce their successful performance in the international horticultural industry. For many years, Wilk van der Sande and Bosch Inveka have worked together as sister companies, located at ABC Westland, Poeldijk, and employing 100 people.

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  • Realization of an innovative multilayer cropping system


    Certhon has started construction of an innovative multilayer cropping system for horticultural company Deliscious. The growing system will be used as a cultivation concept for lettuce, with root ball, under LED growlights. Deliscious in Beesel can grow this way it’s own lettuce varieties in a short period of time. With this new cultivation system a year round production with a constant and reliable quality can be realized.

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  • Philips LED Horti Partner.


    Certhon is the first certified Philips LED Horti Partner.

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  • Certhon signs contract in Suqian, China


    In April 2011 Certon signed a contract with Jiangsu Greenport Modern Agricultural Company for the realisation of a modern greenhouse in Suqian (province Jiangsu). The greenhouse includes 1 ha and 8 departments and serves as a training center for Chinese growers and to demonstrate modern greenhouse technology.

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  • Certhon realises innovative solar project in Kenya


    Certhon realises an innovative solar energy project in Kenya. At the Stokman Rozen production company in Naivasha, the greenhouse is heated up by SanSolar, Certhon's own innovative solar panels. The unique aspect of the SanSolar system is that the solar panels are able to heat up water to a higher temperature than existing solar panels for horticultural application.

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