Certhon acheives quality labels


Already for many years Certhon stands for excellence in the top segment. From this autumn that quality is affirmed with two quality labels, ISO 9001 - certification and VCA/SCC.
ISO 9001 is the international standard for the quality of an organization. SCC is a checklist for contractors in which they demonstrate compliance with the local laws and regulations.

The certificates are proudly accepted by Lotte van Rijn, responsible for the quality system within Certhon. "This is clearly an appreciation for the quality of the work we deliver. In addition, SCC a recognition of the quality of our personnel," confirms van Rijn.

Given the large number of projects abroad an ISO certification is also a nice reward. “It is very important to us that ISO applies international standards. Projects worldwide, from Mexico to Russia and from the U.S. to China, must be commissioned with the same quality aspects,” van Rijn explains.

In addition, van Rijn determines that the certification also has a positive influence on the internal organization, in particular the process that preceded the audit. "It was from the board already a desire to obtain this certificate, purely for making the company even more professional, but internally it has resulted in more. The enthusiasm with which our employees participated was ‘contagious’. It has opened an internal dialogue, and that is a huge profit as well."

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