Certhon beleeft feestelijke bekroning van Fruit Logistica


The three-day Fruit Logistica had a festive highlight for Certhon last Friday. The innovative multilayer growing system, that has been installed at Deliscious, was awarded with the prestigious Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2013.

“The prize for Deliscious is also very special for us,” says Marc Vijverberg, who represented Certhon during the show in Berlin. “Together we have been at the basis of this revolutionary innovation. We warmly congratulate the brothers Delissen with this award, which is also an award for the innovative approach of our company. The concept is then naturally well marketed by the Staay Food Group. We are very happy with that.”

Certhon is anyway very satisfied with the exhibition. Many known relations visited us. We also met new contacts. The Fruit Logistica remains a convenient meeting point for all international contacts,” concludes Vijverberg.

After the IPM in Essen and the Fruit Logistica the “German exhibitions” has come to an end for Certhon. Next week Certhon will strikingly show its face at the Tuinbouw Relatiedagen in Gorinchem the Netherlands.

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