Certhon project is running smoothly in Canada


The construction of st. David'sHydroponics in Canada is progressing well for Certhon, the work is ahead of schedule. The subcontractors are now busy with the glazing of the deck, the mechanics and the screen. The subcontractors are now busy on glazing the roof, roof ventilation system and screening system. The construction of the heating system also started.

The new nine hectares large pepper nursery St. David's Hydroponics is fully furnished with diffused glass. Although Certhon has already extensive experience with diffused glass, this is the largest project so far which roof is fully equipped with diffused glass.

The progress of the installation of the heating system also runs properly on schedule. Last month the heat storage tank reached its highest point, while last week installation of the façade heating in the greenhouse started.

The latest developments of the progress of the construction of St. David’s Hydroponics can be followed through the on the website of Certhon.

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