Qualiflex; the new quality management system of Certhon

Projects become larger, more complex and thus more risky. Not only from a technical perspective but also from a management perspective. Also, projects become more dependent on external circumstances. Because of the fact that all our project and installations have to meet our stringent requirements, all relevant processes should be well secured and monitored. For this we developed a new quality management system: Qualiflex.

This system allows us to check, control and log the quality of projects all over the world and is based on a specially developed application on a tablet. The systems can be used both offline and online; an internet connection is not necessary.

The comprehensive quality management system of Certhon is fully integrated in this clear and orderly system. With Qualiflex, our project managers and service engineers can easily and quickly check and log all relevant issues on location so nothing can be neglected.

With the new system, most problems can be averted in advance. In the event of problems, they can be faster localized and solved. All issues will be logged including pictures and exact locations and Qualiflex notifies the responsible department promptly. Fast and effective actions are guaranteed.

During the construction process, all important aspects will be checked frequently by Qualiflex. Everything is logged and reports can be printed easily so that we can allow our clients access to the status and progress of the project. Also the service activities are logged into the system, so an up-to-date file of locations, pictures and other relevant data of the history of all projects and installations is constantly available. This offers certainty to all parties.

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