Recent projects

  • TKB Belogoriya, Russia

    140840m² - Cucumber, lettuce

    Russian media called the greenhouse the most modern Russia
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  • Jeonbuk 2, South Korea

    14500m² - Pepper

    This greenhouse of 1.4 hectares is fully equipped for the cultivation of various peppers.
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  • Magnit, Russia

    400000m² - Cucumber

    The agronomical support during and after this project underlines Certhons' ROI- key philosophy
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  • Holland Farming, Romania

    7200m² - Vegetable

    ‘Holland Farming Agro’ is de naam van Roemenië ’s nieuwste glastuinbouwproject.
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  • Red Roofs Nursery, England

    16600m² - Tomato

    Certhon has realized a 1,6 hectares new glasshouse for Chris Durnford of Red Roofs Nursery
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  • ECF Farm Berlin, Germany

    1600m² - Fish, vegetable

    A greenhouse has been realized for aquaponics by Certhon.
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  • Delto Avoíne, France

    16000m² - Tomato

    The 1.6 hectare greenhouse is fully equipped with a double line of LED interlighting
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  • Belgorod-City, Russia

    9792m² - Roses

    The new greenhouse ‘Belgorod- City’ has been built by Certhon for the local government of Belgorod
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  • Meiffre, France

    13340m² - Tomato

    Meiffre has expanded his greenhouse complex with a new Venlo greenhouse of 1.3 hectares.
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  • Magnit propagation, Russia

    14256m² - Propagation

    Certhon has been built a glasshouse, with a surface area of 14.256 m2 and is fully equipped for propagation purposes.
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  • Jeonbuk, South Korea

    10445m² - Pepper

    The greenhouse of Jeonbuk project is fully equipped for growing peppers and is turnkey built by Certhon.
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  • HAS University, The Netherlands

    100m² - Research

    HAS University in Den Bosch, has upgraded their growth chambers for plant research.
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  • Sandylands Nurseries, England

    8730m² - Tomato

    The newest nursery of the Holt- family, Sandylands Nurseries, is completed by Certhon.
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  • Rijk Zwaan, The Netherlands

    3200m² - Research

    Certhon has realized a phytotron building for Rijk Zwaan.
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  • Improvement Centre, The Netherlands

    1008m² - Lisianthus

    Department 5 of the GreenQ Improvement Centre has been refurbished by Certhon
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  • Krason, Poland

    37971m² - Plants

    Certhon designed and supplied the greenhouse as well as the complete heating installation.
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  • St. Davids' Hydroponics, Canada

    39354m² - Bell pepper

    Certhon has completed the third phase of St. Davids Hydroponics in the Canadian Niagara-on-the-lake
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  • Dziubek, Poland

    55840m² - Tomato

    Certhon has succesfully completed Dziubek project in the Polish city Koźminek.
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  • Blokker, Tasmania

    8416m² - Freesia

    The distance between the project location in Tasmania and Certhon head office in Poeldijk is 17.019 km,Certhon supplied and installed the heating and cooling system for a 0,8 ha freesia nursery.
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  • Le Jardin de Rabelais, France

    29484m² - Tomato

    The French town Avoíne has the world premiere. In Avoine Certhon completed the first SuprimAir greenhouse for Le Jardin de Rabelais.
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  • Rijk Zwaan, The Netherlands

    27000m² - Seed

    Rijk Zwaan is an internationally renown company that specializes in breeding and production of vegetable seeds.Certhon has realized two projects for Rijk Zwaan.
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  • Optiflor Roelslaan, The Netherlands

    27500m² - Phalaenopsis

    Certhon has transformed the location ‘Roelslaan’ from a Denbrodium nursery into a Phalaenopsiss nursery.
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  • Jiangsu, China

    10000m² - Education center

    Certhon realized a modern greenhouse in Suqianfor Jiangsu Greenport Modern Agricultural Company.
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  • Deliscious, The Netherlands

    4200m² - Lettuce

    Together with Deliscious, Certhon designed a revolutionary new multilayer lettuce cultivation system with LED lights.
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  • Rosloniec, Poland

    22000m² - Tomaat

    Certhon has realized a 2.2 hectares greenhouse including the heating system.
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  • Double H, United Kingdom

    24000m² - Phalaenopsis

    The project of Double H consists of 2 phases of 1,2 hectares. Phase 1 was completed in 2007 and Phase 2 in 2011.
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  • Stokman, Kenya


    The greenhouse is heated up by SanSolar, Certhon’s own innovative solar panels.
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  • Klimowicz, Poland

    80000m² - Tomaat

    Certhon has realized a 8 hectare Venlo type greenhouse including a heating installation and a large heat storage tank of more than 5000 cubic meters.
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  • Taisuco, The Netherlands

    9300m² - Phalaenopsis

    Certhon has realized the greenhouse cooling for the expansion of this nursery.
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  • Szklars, Poland

    55000m² - Tomaat

    Certhon has realized a 5.5 hectares Venlo type greenhouse including a heat storage tank.
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  • Piko Plant, The Netherlands

    17000m² - Phalaenopsis

    Certhon realized the cooling system for the 1.7 hectare expansion of this company.
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  • Sminro, Romania

    4300m² - Vegetables

    Sminro is a foundation (The Smiles Foundation), which is committed to eviate poverty, to promote education and create hope and opportunities for the under privileged and homeless in Romania.
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  • Mts Boer en Den Hoedt, The Netherlands

    17000m² - Lettuce

    Installation of an unique mobile cultivation system for lettuce of 17.000 m².
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  • Monsanto, The Netherlands


    Certhon has designed and constructed a special greenhouse for Monsanto in Bergschenhoek, one of the largest companies in improvement and production of seed.
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  • Dube Tradeport, South Africa

    152800m² - Tomato,cucumber,pepper,anthurium

    Total development and realization of a 15,28 hectare turnkey project existing of 6 greenhouses divided in 3 blocks.
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  • Ter Laak, The Netherlands

    75000m² - Phalaenopsis

    Cooling system for new building of Orchid production 75.000 m² in total, where of 32.000 m² supplied with a JSK cooling system.
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  • Koppert Cress, The Netherlands

    25000m² - Micro-vegetables

    In the new 2.5 hectare facility, which is an extension of the existing location, a multilayer growing system has been introduced, with LED lighting and a special climate control installation.
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  • Springhill, United Kingdom

    49000m² - Tomato

    Turnkey project, new building of a tomato nursery of 4,9 hectare.
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  • Farmson, Korea

    40000m² - Tomato, pepper

    The complete installation of a nursery of 40,000 m² for growing tomatoes and peppers for export and the local market.
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  • Schkolen, Germany

    105000m² - Tomato

    Realization of a turnkey project consisting of a tomato nursery with a greenhouse surface of 88,000 m2 and a workspace of 17,000 m2.
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  • Amazone - Vierpolders, The Netherlands

    18000m² - Amaryllis

    A nursery of 1,8 HA that is no longer dependent on gas.
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  • Delto SA, France

    36000m² - Vine tomato

    Tomato nursery for the cultivation of special, small vine tomatoes on hanging cultivation gutters.
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  • Felgentreu, Germany

    100000m² - Cucumber

    The construction of a cucumber farm of 100,000 m². The specialty of this project is that the greenhouse heating is 100% powered by a biogas installation.
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  • Ascania, Ukraine

    200000m² - Rose

    The company of 200.000 m² belongs to one of the largest rose growers, cultivating around 125 different varieties.
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  • De Hoog Orchideeen, The Netherlands

    24800m² - Phalaenopsis

    A nursery where orchids (Dendrobium) are grown on cultivation tables.
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  • Meshur, Turkey

    10000m² - Tomato

    Realization of a turnkey project of 10.000 m².
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  • R.L. van de Marel, The Netherlands

    38000m² - Lely

    Expansion of an existing lily nursery.
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  • Bernhard Plant, The Netherlands

    46000m² - Phalaenopsis

    A phalaenopsis nursery equipped with a complete cooling system based on the JOK system, including in-house developed JSK coolers.
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  • Improvement Center, The Netherlands

    11000m² - Testcentre

    Realisation of a new greenhouse of 11.000 m² in which tests are carried out on an experimental basis.
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  • Delto, France

    16000m² - Tomato

    BThe working area and the greenhouse for this tomato nursery of 16.000 m² have been built next to the existing greenhouse.
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  • Lastglade, United Kingdom

    30000m² - Tomato

    Certhon has constructed an inverted greenhouse for this grower of 30.000 m².
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  • Marcel Tesselaar, The Netherlands

    34000m² - Fresia

    Freesia nursery of 34,000 m² where the soil temperature is controlled by the in-house developed Clima Terra system
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  • Oserian, Kenya

    500000m² - Rose

    It is the largest project worldwide where terrestrial heat is used for greenhouse heating.
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  • Peterhoff Park, Russia

    1200m² - Palms

    The project of 1.200 m² involved a conservatory for palms from the palace garden of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
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  • Gebr. A. en R. van der Lans, The Netherlands

    63000m² - Vine tomato

    New construction of a vine tomato nursery 63.000 m² for Gebr. A. and R. van der Lans, member of the Prominent growers’ association.
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  • M.L.M. & C.C. Overgaag, The Netherlands

    55000m² - Santini

    Complete greenhouse heating system in a santini nursery of 55.000 m².
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