Construction of a complete new greenhouse of 37.000 m2 and installation of the heating system for a Matricaria nursery.

We have realized:

  • A Venlo type greenhouse with a trellis width of 9,60 m (2 x 4,80 m);
  • The post height of the greenhouse is 5,40 m.
  • A new boiler house with a low pressure steam boiler. The boiler has a heating capacity of 4.680 kW and a steam production of 6.000 kg/h. The boiler house also accommodates a complete steam system and a steam superheater;
  • A monorail heating system, adequate for a robot;
  • A grow pipe heating system connected to a hoisting system. The steel quality is adapted to the use of a planting robot;
  • A vertical heat storage tank with a capacity of 435 m3;
  • Connection of the CHP system.
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