140840m² - Cucumber, lettuce

TKB Belogoriya, Russia

The 14 hectares big greenhouse complex has been completely designed and built by Certhon for vegetable trader TKB. Russian media called the greenhouse the most modern Russia, "a greenhouse that in terms of technology in Russia is unparalleled."
The greenhouse complex consists of four blocks, two sections of six hectares in which cucumbers are growing. 1.3 hectares is equipped with propagation benches for the cultivation of young plants. The fourth part, of 1.1 hectares, is equipped with a fully automatic lettuce system. Centrally located between the blocks is 6,000 m2 technical area.
The Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Elena Gangan, performed the opening ceremony together with the Governor of Belgorod, Yevgeny Savchenko. These officials were impressed by the greenhouse which will provide one and a half million people of vegetables annually.
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