18000m² - Amaryllis

Amazone - Vierpolders, The Netherlands

Amazone is a 1,8 hectare nursery that is no longer dependent on gas. A nursery that focuses entirely on the future in terms of energy. We have built the heart of the greenhouse. This means the complete installation and management of all cooling, heating, electrical engineering and irrigation. Amazon Nursery specializes in the cultivation of amaryllis.

Certhon has realized the greenhouse cooling by means of top coolers, soil cooling and heating, a heat pump with aquifers for underground heat and cold storage, over ground heat storage and a mixing tank for fertilizers.
We also installed a manual irrigation system with frequency controlled pump, high pressure humidification, pH control on surface water storage tank and a complete drain water installation. The heat pump installation is controlled completely by means of our CAN system, in combination with well pairs and a Priva computer. A Clima terra installation regulates and controls the soil temperature per crop section by means of BUS control of the valve motors with wireless ground sensors.
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